After 30 years of Landscape contracting in the Apsley area, we are now exclusively a

Landscape Design Company.

We offer unique designs for waterfront properties that are Beautiful,Functional, and conforming to your Lifestyle.

Our custom landscaping designs include any or all of the following:

Hand drawn scale drawings

To help you to visualize the finished project, and for your contractor to use during construction.

A detailed estimate of material required

To assist your contractor in accurate quoting or estimating.

Expert selection of plants, shrubs, and trees

Appropriate for your landscaping design and suitable for the Apsley climate. Supply and placement.

Assistance in finding a qualified landscape contractor                 

(AND/ OR) review, explain and clarify the design to the contractor of your choice.


in obtaining any necessary permits.

Exclusively serving the Apsley and surrounding area

For all questions or to arrange a consultation at your property,

Contact Larry Gregg

Call or text 705 931-4734 (From May 1st to November 15)

 Call or text 956 372-6164 (From November 15 to May 1st)

Email  [email protected]