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Name Garden Uses
Achillea (Yarrow)
- Saucy Seduction (rose pink)
Sunny, dry, summer blooms
Ajuga (Bugleweed)
- burgundy glow
- chocolate chip
Groundcover, spring blooms, sun or shade
Artemisia (Silver Sage)
- silver brocade
- silver mound
Silver foliage, deerproof
- fanal (red)
- bridal veil (white)
- boogie woogie (rose pink)
Shade garden, colorful blooms in summer
- jack frost
Shade, beautiful foliage, blue spring blooms
Campanula (Bellflower)
- blue clips (mounding)
- superba (upright)
Sun, partial shade, continuous summer blooms
Coreopsis (Tickseed)
- baby sun (yellow)
- tequila sunrise (variegated)
Sun, upright, continuous summer blooms
Dianthus (Pinks)
- eastern star (red/burgundy)
- peppermint star pink/red)
Sun, silver blue mounding foliage, blooms spring to fall
Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)
- valentine (red)
- alba (white)
Old favorite for shade garden spring blooms
Echinacea (Coneflower)
- ruby star (classic purple)
- white swan (white)
- cheyenne spirit (mixed colors)
Sun, tall summer bloomer, attracts butterflies
Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)
- Little joe (masses of pink)
Sun/part shade, moist areas, native, deerproof, attracts butterflies
Euphorbia (Spurge)
- polychroma (chaurtreuse)
Sun, pt.shade, deerproof, stunning spring blooms
- japanese painted (silver/purple)
- maiden hair (fan like/black stems)
- Ostrich (tall/native)
- hay scented (groundcover/native)
Essential part of the shade garden, specimen or ground cover, some are deerproof
Gaillardia (Blanket flower)
- Goblin (red/yellow)
Sun, bi-color daisys blooms all summer
Galium (Sweet Woodruff)
- sweet woodruff (white)
Excellent groundcover for shade and woodland
Geranium (Cranesbill)
- ballerina (lilac/pink veined)
- striatum (pink)
Sun, pt.shade, trailing mat, summer bloom, rockery
Grass (ornamental)
- karl forester
- blue oat grass
- miscanthus varieties
Clumping varieties for speciman and naturalizing, deerproof
Heleopsis (False Sunflower)
- lorraine sunshine (variegated)
- Summer sun (yellow)
Sun, tall, summer blooms
Hemerocallis (Day Lily)
- stella d oro (everblooming/gold)
- summer nights (pink)
- pardon me (cranberry)
Sun, pt shade, will grow anywhere, summer blooms
Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Amethyst mist (silver/purple)
- frosted violet (plum/purple)
- marmalade (orange/peach)
Shade,pt shade, interesting foliage colours
Hosta (Plantain Lily)
- August moon (gold)
- Blue boy (blue)
- Gold standard (gold/green edge)
- Halycon (blue/green)
- Krosse regal (blue green)
- Patriot (green/white edge)
- Wide brim (green/yellow edge)
Most popular plant for the shade garden, huge variety of colors, shapes, and textures
Iris (Siberian Iris)
- Butter and sugar (creamy yellow)
- Cesar’s brother (purple)
Sun, pt shade, narrow spikey foliage, mid spring blooms, wet or dry soil
Lamium (Dead Nettle)
- Beacon silver (lavender)
- Pink pewter (pink)
Easy groundcover for shade spring blooms
Lavandula (Lavender)
- Munstead (blue)
Aromatic, deer resistant, summer blooms
Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)
- Alaska (white)
- Becky (white)
Classic summer daisy, sun or pt shade
Ligularia (Ragwort)
- Othello (yellow)
Shade, pt sun, large plant, purple under leaves
- creeping jenny (yellow)
Invasive ground cover
Monarda (Bee Balm)
- Gardenview scarlet (red)
- Petite delight (dwarf/pink)
Tall favorite for sun, spreads, attracts butterflies & hummingbirds
Papaver (Poppy)
- Beauty of Livermore (red)
Sun, classic spring blooms
Perovskia (Russian Sage)
- Atriplicifolia
Sun, blue spikes in summer
Persicaria (Fleece Flower)
- Dimity (pink spikes)
Mounding ground cover with summer blooms, red fall color
Phlox (tall)
- Nicky (magenta)
- Starfire (red)
Queen of the tall perennials; big, bright blooms in summer
Phlox (creeping)
-crimson beauty (rose red)
- Emerald cushion (blue)
- purple beauty (deep purple)
- milstream daphne (pink)
Easy to grow groundcover for sun, rock gardens, masses of blooms in spring, deerproof
- candelabra
Moist, shady gardens, blooms
Rudebeckia (Black Eyed Susan)
- Goldsturn (gold)
- Indian summer(gold/red)
Sun,pt shade, golden blooms summer to frost, spreads
Sedum (Creeping Stonecrop)
- cauticola (pink)
- Kamtschaticum (yellow)
- Kamtschaticum Variegatum
- Lineare variegatum (yellow)
- Pachyclados (yellow)
- Rupestre Angelina (yellow)
- Rupestre reflexum
- Rupestre Lemon ball
- Selskianum goldilocks (yellow)
- Sieboldi (pink)
- Spath. Capo blanco (yellow)
- Spath. Carnea (Yellow)
- Spurium john creach (pink)
- Spurium Red Carpet (red)
- Spurium Voodoo (red)
- Spurium Tri-color (pink)
- Vera jameson (pink)
Sun, dry soil, excellent for rock gardens, carefree, deer resistant
Sedum (Autumn Stonecrop)
- autumn fire (rose pink)
-Mr. Goodbud (purple)
Sun, pt shade, upright & tidy, large blooms in fall
Sempervium (Hens and Chicks)
- cobweb
- piloseum (red)
- purple beauty (pink)
- sanford hybrids
Sun, succulent, will grow in cracks in a rock, easy
Thymus (Creeping Thyme)
- red creeping (red)
- wooly (pink)
Sun, pt shade, very flat groundcover; good around flagstones, summer flowers
Tradscantia (Spiderwort)
- bilberry ice (white/lavender)
Sun, pt shade, trillium type bloom in summer
Vinca (Periwinkle)
- Mrs. Bowles (blue)
- merlot (burgundy)
Shade, groundcover, spring blooms, glossy green leaves

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